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The season of gourds is upon us, and it seems everyone is getting more and more creative with that good ole pumpkin.  We happily hopped on the day train and came up with this: 

 Via therarebelle 

You might ask how we came up with something so ingenious. Well, the results were pretty good…and all ours…but we can’t take credit for the idea. We were cruising for some fall decorating ideas and stumbled across a few things on Pinterest that inspired us…. 


And then we happened upon these Chinoiserie Pumpkins !! Oh. My. Gawd.   You could have knocked us over with a feather!! 

Just take a gander at this from Enchanted Home : 

 Via enchanted home.com

And  this

Via enchantedhome.com

And as we dug a little deeper, we came upon these from The Relished Roost

Via The Relished Roost

A nice bonus…we realized these incredible artists had these pretties available for purchase…and, with a little heads up, would even customize to a degree. So, of course, we tried to purchase a few for our fall table (bookshelves for the rest of the year!!). Alas…they were sold out.

Well, these belles are no quitters!  We decided this was the perfect time for us to try and get a little crafty ourselves.  So this is what we made with some acrylic paint, a few faux pumpkins, and some paint pens.  Don’t judge too harshly…but we do think they turned out alright for our first go at it…. 

Above pic is pencil sketching our design …

We decided to do a Paris Porcelain effect with a gold and white look …. 


And then we put them on display… 

So belles, Cinderella those pumpkins…they deserve to be the belles of the ball!!! 

(And they don’t have a midnight curfew!)