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With school and fall activities in full swing, we are always on the hunt for delish, go-to dinner options that we can throw together…fix it and forget it dishes. More often than not, these tend to be a little on the heavy side.

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman, we have found a new go-to for weeknight cooking. Hot and Spicy Italian Drip Beef. Each time we make it, we get rave reviews from the whole family…which by the way, is not a common occurrence.  This dish can be served in a sub roll, over pasta or rice for your heartier eaters, over sautéed cabbage for a lighter option, or just on its own with a crisp green salad.  We’ve even been known to throw it in a tortilla and sprinkle a little cheese on it.  It’s the dish that keeps on giving!!!

It also freezes beautifully, can be halved, and still tastes good if you substitute certain ingredients.

Grab a few pantry ingredients, a chuck roast and your crockpot.

We added an onion …because we tweak..it’s our prerogative…

Toss it all in that crockpot and proceed to tootle about your business for the next few hours …

So you can come home to this…


As a belle likes to do, we thought we’d add one more version of drip beef, again from the Pioneer Woman. )If you haven’t checked out her blog , please do…everything is tasty and belle-worthy).  This one works in much the same way…pantry items, meat, and a crockpot or Dutch oven.  Feel free to fix it in a multitude of ways…sandwich, salads, over rice, with roasted vegetables…. Have it your way!!

A few ingredients….

A little melting and sautéing…a tad bit of labor…but that’s it…

Now fix it and forget it…..

Ta da!!!  Delicious!!
Crockpot couture….