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This subject came up over the holidays for one belle…and we felt it our duty to pass it on (’cause that’s what we do best, just sayin’).

One belle mother-in-law has been a very good steward of the old “family recipes”, and has always been very thoughtful in passing those on.  Years ago, as shower gifts for each of her daughters-in-law, she purchased blank, bound recipe books and  (in her own very distinct handwriting) filled them with her own favorites as well as those of her grandmothers, mother, and mother-in-law.

Well…now there is a new generation of cooks…her granddaughters.  Although one is not quite “marryin’ age” (in that she shoves off to college next year), grandma doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to complete one of these books to leave as a legacy for these young ladies.  She decided to give each of the granddaughters a book for the holidays this year, but was disappointed to find that the old spiral-bound, blank cookbooks which used to be readily available are almost nowhere to be found these days.  Enter Amazon

From Meadowsweet Kitchens, this book is not exactly like the old ones, but pages that are sold separately can be filled with handwritten recipe cards (in grandma’s hand) as well as full-size print-outs (or tear-outs) of their own favorites.

We mention all of this to encourage you all to get your mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-in-law to do the same for you and yours.  In these days of doing a Google search for anything and everything you might want to prepare, let’s not forget the tradition of the old family recipe.  And when we all have grandchildren of our own, we can leave the legacy of the handwritten recipe for them as well.

Pass it on, belles!