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We just love picking up new tips-n-tricks from our belle friends. The way we see it…how can one possibly enjoy something without sharing that joy?!  Here are a few of the latest…

Bouillon du jour… Our very good belle friend  Marcia who happens to be excellent in zee kitchen says this is the only bouillon to purchase…and we heartily agree!


Thelma chicken boullion . Available at Amazon

We had the pleasure of supping with some dear friends the other night . The master of the house , who also knows his way around a kitchen and even more so around a grill, waxed poetic over this Knife sharpener. It is compact , easy to use and fits easily in your drawer. If the master of wings gives it a thumbs up then it should be a staple in every household. By the way it will work on your Cutco knives so you don’t have to send them back and forth for sharpening!  Thank you, Michael …you are def man enough to be a belle contributor! 


Rachael Ray knife sharpener. Get it at Amazon

Champagne is always on our list and over the holidays, Marcia shared a new label to us that her local wine merchant had suggested. The taste test was a bubbly taste thrill, and we have already purchased for our own larders .

Find it at your local wine store or from K&LWines

Now that you’ve cooked, sharpened and toasted, we think it’s high time for a little laid back time. While we are sure you have already buzzed through The Making of a Murderer (addicting, and we’d love to hear your thoughts by the by) you probably need a new obsession. Our savvy friend gave us the perfect solution :  


RectifyA Sundance TV series. Be prepared to hunker down. Let us know what you think 

Chime away, belles!