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 We started the saying a few years ago with some of our belle friends that there’s nothing like a coffee and a purchase when you need a perk. So we decided  we’d share our perks with you. Some may be small, others larger, but a perk is a perk is a perk.

This week, we have to tell you about a perk that will change your life! We received it in a gift with purchase type deal some time ago. It took some time before we read about the Magic Mitt by Jane Iredale. Well we are here to tell you we we a tad dubious when it claimed to wash away ALL your makeup with warm water alone. Including Waterproof!! Shut the front door! No way Jose! 

So we tested it. And it works! Brilliantly as a matter of fact. We do use a cleanser of our own, which we love, but doesn’t get all the makeup off by any stretch. This Mitt should be called a miracle!  We have used it religiously since opening it. 

And the extra benefit…which we really were doubtful about given the condition of our washcloths….is that you clean it by using your hand soap and some water after washing your face, and, voila, every single bit but makeup comes off that Mitt rendering it absolutely pristine. Amazing!

Please do yourself a favor, and your daughters, sisters, mothers, friends…this perk deserves sharing. You can order it right here at Amazon. Thank you Jane Iredale, you are one hell of a belle.

We have fallen so in love with it that when we left it at a friend’s mountain house recently, we couldn’t wait for its return and had to get another stat!!

Best purchase perk of late.