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Spend a lot, spend a little…we just love a clean, fresh, not-dry-at-all face at the end of a long day.  We seem to have collected quite an arsenal of cleansers (all in the name of R&D, of course) and thought it might be a good idea to share our thoughts on some of our favorites. Since very belle has slightly different skin and different goals, perhaps you will find just what you are looking for!

Luscious cream…   

 Although it might be a bit of a splurge, this iconic EVE LOMcleanser is the crème de la crème. ( get it Here and  Here) . Vogue calls it “probably the best cleanser in the world”.  Now that’s impressive!  It’s handy little muslin cloth is the perfect companion to quickly whisk away all traces of even the most stubborn (damn that waterproof mascara) of products. Best for:  dry, aging skin and colder/dry weather. Worth it, belles…prepare the wallet!


You. Will. Not. Believe. The. SMELL!!!  Of course, being the Franco-belles that we are, we were instantly drawn to the brand – FRENCH GIRL.  But once we took a whiff, we knew it was a must-try. We purchased this just as the weather turned wretchedly cold and found that we hardly needed moisturizer after using it!  (Of course…we DID use a moisturizer because we were afraid we might age 10 years overnight. Not worth taking a chance, belles). Best for:  dry to combination skin and colder/dry weather

Silky smooth…


We ran across this little gem while perusing the “highly edited” collection of products from GLOSSIER. The name intrigued us, so of course we went for it. (Yes, we are absolute beauty product suckers). The verdict?  Silky smooth, super gentle, non-irritating (we mean, absolutely NO stinging or irritation in the eyes) non-drying and efficient. Will be keeping this one around!  Best for:  all skin types, any weather, and contact lense wearers

So practical and efficient it’s almost ridiculous…

Good old NEUTROGENA !  This bargain in a bottle gets our vote for drugstore all-star. It does the job beautifully with no irritation. We find that we use a bit more of this product than the others to accomplish the full-face-strip-down, but at it’s drugstore price, no biggie. Best for:  all skin types, especially oily, and warmer weather. 

Of course, we are still partial to the Jane Iredale “magic mitt” we told you about a couple of weeks ago.  The choices are endless, belles!!

Try one. Try all. Splurge. Save. Be clean