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We recently ran across a belle-ringing list of fashion and household hacks and thought it a must to pass on…’cause we care, belles…we care about you and all of your little pretties!


photo from marthastewart.com

For removing stubborn stains and odors from clothing…

1. The household cleaner 409 removes lipstick beautifully (but check the shade first 😉

2. White vinegar added to your wash can help remove sweat stains (although belles don’t sweat…just sayin’)

3. Baby shampoo can be used to hand-wash delicates including silk (baby those babies)

4. Dish liquid removes grease/oil-based stains from fabrics (gently massage into stains, launder, be amazed)

5. Cornstarch or baby powder will remove oil from leather (sprinkle on, allow to sit overnight, be wowed)

6. A mix of vodka and water sprayed on clothing will remove most odors (we prefer to save the vodka for other purposes, but if you must…)

7. Baby wipes will remove makeup from clothing (hmmm…wonder what this is doing to baby’s bottom?)

8. Hairspray and a clean toothbrush will remove ink (resist that urge to wet or pretreat before grabbing the hairspray)


these pretties can be found at Croghan’s Jewel Box in Charleston


For other household hacks…

1. Beer cleans gold jewelry (again…if you must)

2. Ketchup cleans silver jewelry (wonder who tried this first??)

3. WD-40 removes paint from hands (and pretty much everything else)

4. Suede can be cleaned/revitalized with a toothbrush (clean…please)

5. Vaseline can be used to polish shoes (and a banana peel will apparently do the same, but the smell…)

The tips-n-tricks can be endless. We’ll share ’em as we find ’em, belles.