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We were recently introduced by a dear sister-belle to a belle-ringin’ line of culinary products that we just HAD to share (again…’cause sharin’s what we are all about).

Meet Beautiful Briny Sea and their amazing line of “artisan dry goods”…


Based in Atlanta, Beautiful Briny Sea makes their products as “close to the earth” as possible…focusing on local, sustainable ingredients. To quote them, “From start to finish our products are 100% handmade.”  Now that’s impressive!!


from Beautiful Briny Sea

And the Beautiful Briny Sea folks have a sense of humor…which is a major bonus in our book!  With flavor names like “Magic Unicorn” and “Hot Steve“, we get to giggle while we cook. (gigglin’ makes a belle happy!)

from Beautiful Briny Sea

Speaking of giggles, they even have a hibiscus-flavored sugar called “Mr. Gigglepants“! 


 Just imagine sugar cookies, cupcakes, or ice cream sprinkled with this happy deliciousness!

Just brings a smile to our faces. We suspect it will work the same for you!!