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While at our recent TSC SUMMIT in Charleston, we had the pleasure and delight to meet so many creative, interesting and dynamic people. One such character was Brian Hoffman  who has written an entertaining, tantalizing book that is very informative at the same time. 

Since we drink for a living, our eyes glistened and our tastebuds were ready for little action. 

For any cocktail lover, entertainer, book admirer, host or hostess, this is THE book that needs to be added to the repertoire. The Coupe.  Just get it.  You won’t regret it. 

Available at Amazon

The pictures are extraordinary and the writing is wonderfully organized and divvied up by your liquor so you can go straight to your elixir of choice.

A few of our favorite recipes include…

The Kollar

Not only is it a magical concoction but it is also a memorial to Ryan Kollar. He was a bartender that we had the honor of working with when we wrote our Bacon Brothers article. He was a true personality and had a genuine passion for the art of the cocktail.

Our other favorite is the Within Temption

Some cocktails can be too sweet and cloying, but this one has a savory flair that we can’t resist. And – of course – we can’t resist a little blue cheese.  Just sayin’.

Since the art of the coupe is back, and you may not have your grandmother’s collecting dust in the cupboard, here are a couple of belle-ringin’ coupes to get you started.


Available at Amazon


Also available at Amazon