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We included this Halloumi, Peach and Cherry salad in our belle-ringers…round 63 a couple of weeks ago and decided it was worthy of an immediate taste-test.  We gathered our cherries, peaches, cheese and arugula and got to work…

we did our choppin’ of the cherries and peaches

we did our slicin’ of the Halloumi 

BTW…if you have never tossed this delectable cheese in a skillet before, you MUST give it a try!!  Our dear friend (and enviable gastronome), Cathy, introduced us to Halloumi years ago…and we haven’t forgotten it!  We get it at our local middle-eastern grocery, Pita House.  Traditionally made from sheep or goat’s milk (check the label for those who can’t have cow’s milk just to be sure), it has a high melting point…meaning it can be grilled or fried with belle-ringin’ results!

the cherries and peaches then get tossed in a skillet with a touch of butter

and the cheese slices go in a skillet to brown

Toss it all with the pre-dressed (with olive oil and lemon juice) arugula and you have the finished product.  Belleicious!!

Impressive yet surprisingly quick and easy, this one will be making a repeat appearance!