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photo by Nathan Gray

We took a steamy stroll to get to our cocktailin’ destination this month, ending up at one of our favorite little downtown spots, Passerelle, ”the casual French bistro in the park.” With a French-influenced menu and a perfectly paired beverage list, this little gem never fails to satisfy our craving for an afternoon or evening à la française.

What’s in a name…

When Table 301 landed in this spot at the Main Street end of the Liberty Bridge in 2012, they took a while to get to know the territory. They watched as folks ambled along the bridge and meandered through Falls Park, and street musicians began to draw a laid-back crowd. A classic French bistro seemed to be a perfect fit! And when it came time to assign a name, the French word for “footbridge” was a no-brainer. Passerelle. Voilá!

 The French 75… 

photo by Nathan Gray

Since we fancy ourselves aficionados in this particular elixir, we are always up for trying a classically elegant French 75 if it is featured on a menu. So to find the most delectable version right here at home…merveilleux!! Typically made with gin and champagne along with a touch of citrus, sugar, and often some type of brandy, Passerelle changes it up with a touch of Cointreau. This nosetickling mosaic melds together to encourage celebration and maybe even a bit of mischief. It’s summertime after all!  

The Lemon Ginger Bourbon Fizz… 

photo by Nathan Gray

For all you bourbon drinkers, this might become your go-to cocktail for the summer. Perfect for brunch, yet ideal for anytime, this lightened-up refresher will please even those who are not quite into the brown liquor. The rich sweetness of the bourbon pairs perfectly with the tart lemon and the bracing ginger, creating a truly refreshing concoction. The addition of ginger ale perfectly integrates all the flavors to truly make this a great option for those sultry summer nights. 

 About that view…

photo by Nathan Gray

While one of our favorite things to do is sit at the bar and watch Chef Steven Musolf work his magic, we often can’t resist a patio seat on a beautiful day with a cocktail and that stunning view of Reedy River Falls. Because Passerelle drew its name and vibe from the “little footbridge” and the surrounding park, they feel strongly about doing their part to keep it lookin’ pretty. A percentage of all revenue generated at Passerelle is donated to the Falls Park Foundation. Kudos!

from downtowngreenvilletoday.com

Passerelle has been a go-to for park-goers, Main Street strollers, and eager diners for over four years now (they celebrated their birthday on July 14th – Bastille Day…approprié, non?) Guests are treated to Chef Steven’s take on traditional French dishes like Cassoulet, mussels, Ratatouille, frites & remoulade (yum!) and many more. As he describes the menu…it’s “a little French, a little European, and a LOT local.” And with options for almost any time of day (brunch, lunch, mid-day, and dinner), how can one resist? If you haven’t been lately, we think it’s time you paid “the little French footbridge” a visit! Merci, Passerelle…salut!

Passerelle Bistro . 601 South Main Street . Greenville . 864-509-0142 . passerelleinthepark.com