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Shrimp and grits go way back here in South Carolina (read a brief history here), but versions of this delightful dish are popping up all over the country!  Now, we must admit…with the addition of heavy sauces and gravies in many cases, we don’t often allow ourselves the luxury of sitting down to a bowl of this belleicousness.  

In comes one belle-brother (thanks, sweet Adam) and his very own shrimp-n-grits concoction.  On a recent family trip, Adam took to the kitchen to show off his perfected recipe…and my, oh, my!!  It was absolute perfection!

His creation…(we will share the recipe when he gives us permission 😉

And some of our favorite recipes…

From Delish,,,

From A Chef’s Kitchen…(a casserole)…

From Maebells

And from Epicurious…(the over-easy egg would is a game-changer!)…

Gotta go…we’re hungry!