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The latest installment of our TALK Greenville “drinkin’ on the job” adventures…

Photo from kitchensyncgreenville.com

Winter weary and ready for some “sunny & warm”, our cocktailin’ adventure this month took us to a cozy neighborhood place with farm-fresh fare and cocktails to lighten and brighten the spirits – Kitchen Sync on Laurens Road.  Warmly greeted by Kathryn behind the bar and introduced to Kevin (co-owner Kevin Feeny), we quickly settled in and let the doldrums disappear.

Cookin’ with a conscience

Photo from kitchensyncgreenville.com

Kevin and his sister, Karin Farrell, spent years pondering the possibilities of creating a conscience-driven neighborhood go-to that featured inventive, delicious scratch-made food. From the use of eco-friendly building materials and appliances to composting, planting gardens, and sourcing locally as much as possible…even partnering with an organization providing work to people trying to get on their feet after incarceration, they have certainly succeeded on the responsibility front. And as for that inventive, scratch-made fare…it speaks for itself!

Tequila Paloma

Tequilaaaaah! This delicious, not-too-sweet, brilliant alternative to the margarita features Jose Cuervo silver, fresh pink grapefruit and lime juices, and sparkling Pompelmo San Pellegríno – all beautifully poured into a very generous glass.  It makes for the perfect mood enhancer! PSA:  tequila is the only alcohol considered to be an upper and spirit-lifter…an old wives tale maybe, but these belles plan on believing it!  Let the Paloma perk you up!

Jo Montana

The San Francisco belle among us couldn’t resist tasting this handsome libation named after one of her first crushes. It certainly didn’t disappoint. Just like her favorite quarterback of all time, the Jo Montana is strong, potent, delicious and not hard to look at! Comprised of local Dark Corner Jocassee Gin, St. Germaine, fresh lemon and lime juices, and fresh mint from the restaurant’s own garden, it’s the perfect sip of approaching spring!

Photo from kitchensyncgreenville.com

Although we had experienced Kitchen Sync for lunch and dinner on other occasions, this particular visit had us focused on the very happy “happy hour”.  With special nibbles and libations offered each early evening, one could easily fall in the habit of just hangin’ out at the bar ad infinitum.  But we do encourage you to venture out into the other nooks and crannies of this delightful establishment.  You’ll find tables filled with families (yes…there is a kids menu), couples, chatty chicks out for ladies night…it runs the gamut.  Grab a table and peruse the menu.  We promise you will find something to ring your bell!

Kitchen Sync . 1609 Laurens Road . Greenville . (864)568-8115 . Kitchensyncgreenville.com