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Here’s a not-to-be-missed event, belles…at our fave antique emporium in Greenville…The Rock House Antiques. House of Landor out of Raleigh is bringing their vintage wares for a trunk show this weekend!! We encourage you to stop and shop for that special “find”!

Here are some examples of what you might find…

The Rock House Antiques . 415 Mauldin Road . Greenville

And while we are at it…here are some vintage shopping tips…

1.  For clothing, shop your size…and a size up…and a size down.

Sizes have changed over the years.  Those of us who might have worn a 4 in the 80’s now find ourselves a very slim size zero (while having lost not a single ounce!).  Don’t take the label at its word…use it as a suggestion.  Also, we have found that many ladies who pass on their clothing to these shops are very much like us…addicted to alterations.  Many…even most…of these items have been tailored to fit the original proud owner.  This often means that an 8 has become a 6 through the bust, or a 4 at the waist.  The only way to be sure is to…

2.  Be prepared to try on.

Wear something that’s easy-on, easy-off.  What you purchase is yours (no returns), so let’s make sure it’s do-able.

3.  Don’t ignore the shoes.

We have scored scarcely-worn Manolos, Louboutins, you name it, at vintage shops. Often the shoes find their way to these shops because they were a poor fit for the original owner…so she really didn’t wear them much at all! Don’t be afraid to give them a try.

4.  Don’t forget the fellas.

Hermes ties, Burberry wool scarves, belts, shoes, maybe even a classic old tuxedo…the options for the men can be just as numerous as those for women. Give the men’s section a quick run-through.

5.  Check out the stores in different cities and different neighborhoods

You will, of course, want to visit House of Landor in person, and go ahead and haunt the vintage clothiers in other cities you frequent. While stores on the Upper East Side might be filled with Chanel, those in Soho might be filled with Pucci, Gucci, or who knows what. Give them all a chance…the treasures are worth it!