We’ve been “drinkin’ on the job” again for TALKGreenville…this time with a spritz of hope for the Cancer Society of Greenville County’s Hope Ball

It’s spring at last!  While temps might not always cooperate, we are at least getting a glimpse of the sunny, happy, HOPE-ful days ahead.  One of our favorite parts of this time of year is the chance to emerge from our hibernation and dress up in our finest for one of the most elegant evenings in Greenville…the bi-annual Hope Ball, benefitting the Cancer Society of Greenville County.  And, just as we have done before, we had a hand in creating a signature cocktail…the Spritz of Hope…for this special event.

Labor of Hope

As with any elegant affair, the devil can be in the details.  Volunteers have been hard at work for months on sponsorships, décor, menus…and, our favorite…the bar!  The kind folks at Itz Spritz (with three delicious flavors) and Tito’s vodka have very generously stepped in to provide some “supplies” for the big event.  So, we thought it would be fun to use their wares to create a little somethin’ special. We belles just love to tinker around in the kitchen!

Hope in a flute…

Our first concoction starts with Itz Spritz Elderflower & Citrus and takes it to a new level. We eagerly infused a batch of Tito’s with fresh thyme and lemon and were quite smitten with the results. The thyme-infused vodka blends beautifully with the refreshing elderflower-citrus to create a lively spring-time cocktail with the perfect herb-floral balance. Itz Thyme to give this one a try!

Hope in a glass…
Our cup runneth over with this tasty, titillating cocktail. Once again, we got creative with our Tito’s and infused it with fresh cucumber. We doubled-up on the freshness by adding Itz Spritz Cucumber Lime Twist, then added a splash of ginger beer for a little extra pop of flavor. Crisp, cool and fizzy, this is the drink you want when you’re ready for a flavor frolic!

The winner…The Spritz of Hope

While we tend to be more about embellishing, we belles know when to let simplicity speak for itself.  Our final creation is the perfect example.  In this lil libation, we used Itz Spritz Golden Pear, then added a healthy pour of Tito’s, grapefruit juice, and a dash of grapefruit bitters.  We found the ideal recipe to keep one feeling fresh throughout the festivities!

You will have to attend to take a sip of this winner.  We HOPE to see you there!

And now…the details.  The Cancer Society of Greenville County (CSGC) is a local organization serving local cancer patients.  All funds raised stay right here, giving HOPE in the battle against this non-discriminating disease. The ball will be held on April 27th at the Poinsett Club.  Call the CSGC or visit their website for more information. Get those gowns and tuxedos ready!

The Cancer Society of Greenville County . 113 Mills Avenue . Greenville (864)232-8439 . cancersocietygc.org