Surprise, surprise! We’ve been out doin’ some cocktailin’ for TALKGreenville again. Read all about it!

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The Main Street scene here in Greenville is hoppin’ these days.  The warmer weather is coaxing folks out and about, and the doors of some of our favorite establishments are thrown wide open – just begging passersby to come in and sit a spell.  Right at the heart of it all is Nose Dive with its “windows on the street” and a crafty little secret up above…the second floor bar, “Crafted”.

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A little goes a long way

While some folks behind a bar prefer to be called mixologists and try to get all fancy and fussy with ingredients, others go for minimalism and like to call themselves good ol’ bartenders.  Walker and his team fit into the latter category.  They have mastered the art and craft of libations with fresh simplicity.  As often as possible, their creations consist of just three ingredients and a garnish.  The results are stunning.

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Sneaky Pete…

One of the best things about the bartenders at Nose Dive is their complete dedication to their roles – these fellas dive right in!  Sneaky Pete is one of their artistic creations that meets you head-on, then lingers a bit with its spicy kick on the back end.  Careful, this one really will sneak up on ya.  Just sayin’.

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El Delicioso…

El Delicioso is muy delicioso! We were quite impressed with how the red pepper garnish creates its own special impact on the overall flavor of this concoction. The fresh, crisp scent is the first to hit the senses…then the tastebuds kick in with the balanced flavors of tequila, Sadlers (liken it to angostura bitters) and just a hint of elderflower syrup.  This is where you realize these guys know what they’re doing – no one flavor is going to overpower another on their watch.

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Rusty Nail Revamp
Everybody loves a comeback; and classic, old-school cocktails are getting a chance in the spotlight these days…with a modern twist here and there.  This particular oldie-but-goody is the perfect finish for a wonderful evening.  With an expertly balanced combination of Drambuie, Fernet-Branca and bourbon – this one just might be a trifecta of simplicity.  Off to the races!

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Nose Dive doesn’t only show its crafty side in its cocktails.  The craft concept is front and center in the kitchen as well.  So don’t miss out…even if you choose to retreat to the “grown up” area upstairs, you can always order from the inventive menu downstairs.  No need to venture anywhere but here.  As they say at Crafted, “just sit back, relax, and sip into something more comfortable.”

Crafted at Nose Dive . 116 S Main Street . Greenville

(864)373-7300 .

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