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We’ve been at the cocktailin’ again…at The Anchorage in Greenville’s trendy, up-n-coming West End. Check it out in the June issue of TALKGreenville!

An anchorage is something that provides a stronghold or connection…and this month’s cocktailin’ spot has done just that for the Village of West Greenville.  This uber-cool arts district has become a hot destination these days with over 60 galleries, shops, restaurants, and services, and it’s thanks to early “inhabitants” like The Anchorage that folks are flocking in.

“Cocktail by Committee”…

When Beth and Chef Greg McPhee began hiring for The Anchorage, they focused on assembling a collaborative team.  Relying on the collective experience of Mills and Chris behind the bar as well as practically all other employees, the whole “team” plays a part in what you see, taste, smell and experience.  When a new or unusual ingredient piques someone’s interest, Mills might come up with some creative ways to use it, but it often takes the team coming together to find the perfect balance.  They describe the process as “cocktail by committee”.  We think their “committee” rocks!

Photo by Nathan Gray

The Zombie…

The staff at the Anchorage maintains a huge sense of pride with the product they serve both in the kitchen and behind the bar. No detail is overlooked. The Zombie is a perfectionist’s dream.  The color alone is exquisite, but add some freshly picked mint & a silver straw and you have a work of art. Hand-crushed ice, a special blend of three rums, fresh fruit juices, a dash of bitters, and house-made cinnamon syrup come together to create the perfect concoction to scare the summer humidity away.  Served from their nitro draft system, there is (conveniently) no long wait to quench your thirst. PSA- there’s a reason it’s called a Zombie

Photo by Nathan Gray

The Strawberry Manilow…

One of us took a really long time to get the riff on Barry Manilow…we aren’t saying who but it wasn’t the blonde…just sayin!  But beyond its clever name, this one is worth ordering just to watch zee bartender hand-carve the ice for the glass. This is truly a bespoke cocktail, and we get excited just watching this kind of attention to detail! Rye, rum, house strawberry vinegar, rosemary and ginger beer are all part of this magic potion. And since vinegar has long been used to battle dehydration, we consider this the perfect answer to staying hydrated in the dog days of summer…so make sure you drink enough- just sayin

Simple-n-local…a winning combination

The food (and drink) philosophy at The Anchorage is focused on “eclectic simplicity.”  In creating the always up-to-date brunch, dinner, and cocktail menus, they focus on local/regional ingredients that can be super-simple yet interesting all at once. In fact, the brunch cocktail menu features “The Michenada” which highlights the local Birds Fly South brewery’s “Anchorage Saison”…neighbors helping neighbors.  We love it!

How it all began…

Just two short years ago, the McPhees were approached with an idea that started the ball rolling for this West Greenville gem.  The budding arts district needed a night-time destination and Beth and Greg had the experience and expertise to make it happen.  And did they ever!  They took the old Brandon Mill Infirmary and worked their magic.  Today, The Anchorage is a bustling hot-spot with both indoor and outdoor dining and a kick-ass cocktail menu that keeps folks coming back for more!

Open for dinner Tuesday – Saturday and brunch on Sunday, the Anchorage is anchored in and waiting to see you!

The Anchorage . 586 Perry Avenue . Greenville

(864)219-3082 . theanchoragerestaurant.com

Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan – www.therarebelle.com