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Once again…we have a “must-go” for ya in this month’s TALKGreenville magazine cocktailin’ spot.  If you haven’t ventured over just yet, El Thrifty is the happenin’ watering hole du jour – er..del dia!  This Mexican-inspired cantina, bar and all-around fun spot is located on the Swamp Rabbit Trail just a quick skip from downtown Greenville; but it feels like a world away…a place to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle.  

from elthrifty.com

Wanna come out and play?…

El Thrifty has a bit of entertainment for just about any crowd.  It’s basically 10,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor “playground” with games like shuffleboard, cornhole, billiards and ping pong just to name a few. And you’ll want to check the schedule to keep track of live music and other entertainment options (like the throw-down they have planned for National Tequila Day – July 24).  You don’t want to miss a single bit of the fun!

While the young and young-at-heart play their little games, the grown-ups can have some entertainment of their own…of the liquid variety!


photo by Nathan Gray

Juanita Appleseed

Made up of tequila blanco, mezcal, lemon, agave, apple cider and ginger beer, Juanita is a light,refreshing number who will steal her way into your heart quickly and smoothly. The fizz makes her fun while the cider provides a tart balance to any unnecessary sweetness. We made fast friends with her and can hardly wait until we meet again!


El Matador…

A brilliant mix of reposado mezcal, passionfruit, fresh mint, agave, lime, a touch of habanero, El Matador is smoky, sweet, tart and spicy all at once. The tastebuds will be singing una otra spor favor. One is just simply not enough.  Word to the wise…this is highly addictive!

photo by Nathan Gray

Spicy Margarita…(shhh) 

This beverage isn’t on the menu, but we are here to spill the big secret!  El Thrifty’s twist on the classic margarita is good to the very last drop. A nice dose of jalapeño adds just the right bit of heat to remind you it’s summertime…but the remaining ingredients come together to provide pure, unadulterated refreshment. Knowledge is power…so be in the know when you go!

photo by Nathan Gray

Pablo Frescobar 

This is a beautiful, refreshing non-alcoholic concoction…but since we discuss cocktails, may we suggest adding tequila to kick it up a notch? Well, we just did…just sayin’. (They’ve actually gotten this request before, so it will come as no surprise and they will be happy to oblige.) Orange hibiscus adds a distinct, light flavor that still has some zip to it. You won’t be disappointed when you sip on this one…Pablo is muy fresco!


Although many of us will be perfectly happy working our way through el Thrifty’s cocktails, the purists will be blown away by the “neat” list.  They have quite the collection of tequilas and mezcals, and they serve them with flair. A refreshingly delicious house-made sangrita (we could just sit and sip it alone!) accompanies the tequila while the mezcals are served with orange and sal de gusano” (translation…salt of the worm) which is a rather surprising taste-thrill.  Go figure!

Our significant others have never really thought of us as the “thrifty type”, but we might have a surprise in store for them.  They are gonna have a hard time dragging us away from el T!


El Thrifty . 25 Delano Drive . Greenville . 864-232-2053 . elthrifty.com