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Fringe has been a big trend, but we think tassels may even be bigger…and not for nothin’ either because they can be a lot easier to carry off without looking like you’re trying to relive the 70’s!

A few of our favorites…

In the kicks department:


Thank you j.crew! And, of course, for you girls who are afraid of heights, j.crew has a flat version:

IMG_2249 Comfy and stylish…a win-win!

Here’s a little beauty that looks way more expensive that it is, making it virtually irresistible. From Nordstrom


It’s no secret…we belles do love to make a statement with a shoe, and this one from shopbop surely fits the bill…and then some!


And we couldn’t resist throwing out an option for the baby belles, also from j.crew!


Movin’ on, belles…because we love a good pocketbook and tassels add just the right amount of sass…

This one from Rebecca Minkoff shows that this smart-cookie designer knows her way around a purse!


And we can’t leave Tory out! This cross-body from Tory Burch is cross-generational…meaning all the women in the family will be having hissy fits over this one.


And it wouldn’t be right to ignore the inside of the purse, now would it???

From Banana Republic

IMG_2593. Awesome-ness…just sayin’.

Or how about this monogrammed little beauty (belles always love a monogram)!! Get it at Clare V


And then there is always a phone case, ’cause the phone could use a little fashion boost, too! From Henri Bendel:


And our ears could always stand a little extra “something-something”. These two from shopbop are the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to a classic ensemble…



And, belles…bathing suit season is just around the corner, so how about adding a touch of whimsy to your cover ups???

A pareo from Revolve Clothing


Another festive option to frolic in, also from revolveclothing


And let’s not forget that tassels can upgrade a patio, porch or party in no time flat.

Island love from etsy:


And another glorious accessory for zee home or fete from food 52:


So, belles…obviously, tassels aren’t just for loafers anymore!
Tassel on belles!